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Disposable infusion set

◆ With the extra-long regulator design, the apparatus has wide gripping side, which is comfortable for grip, is not easily subject to deformation, and can be precisely adjusted;
◆ Precise measurement: The dropper is set in the drop bucket. During infusion of liquid, you can see the number of infusion drops (1ml is equal to 20 or 60 drops);
◆ Infusion safety design: The air filter has a filtering rate of more than 90% for 0.5 μm or more particles in the air, and the liquid filter has a filtering rate of more than 80% for 15 μm or more particles in the solution.
◆ Universal supporting: The 6:100 conical connector manufactured according to the international standard, with threaded and non-threaded design, has precise sizes and light loading and unloading touch, matching well with injection needle or infusion needle of any brand;
◆ Complete aseptic protection: The transfusion apparatus terminal is designed with sterile protective sleeve, to keep its inside surface sterile. The high-grade sterile protective cover, also with a water-resistant breathable film, can automatically exclude the air in the transfusion apparatus pipeline, easy for use;
◆ Professional clinical features: Due to the need for clinical treatment, during intravenous injection of other solutions, the solutions can be added through the professionally equipped injection piece, without the need for additional subcutaneous puncture;
◆ A wide variety: With double steel pin type, plastic pin type, blow drop type, injection drop type, high elastic type, etc., it can to a maximal extent meet the individual needs of customers;
◆ A variety of small packaging types: Customers can choose from all plastic packaging, paper plastic packaging, and other forms.