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Scalp Vein Sets

Scalp Vein Needle(single wing)

  • Scalp vein needle is mainly for clinical use, matching with disposable infusion (transfusion) device or syringe for human intravenous infusion of Medicine (blood) liquid.
  • Single wing design, meet different requirements of clinical operation, easy to fix, specification identified by the color of wing, easy to distinguish and use
  •  Made of high quality austenitic stainless steel;
  • The needle tube adopts the international popular thin wall tube design, with large inner diameter and high flow rate;
  • Fine design of needle tip, good sharpness;
  • 6:100 conical fitting produced according to international standards, with accurate size, matching with medical devices;
  • The infusion pipeline is diversified, from transparent type, translucent type to frosted type, from high elasticity to hard tube, to meet different clinical requirements;
  • Model specifications: see the table below.
OD GAUGE Color code General specifications QTY
0.4 27G Medium grey 27G×3/4" piece/box
0.45 26G Brown 26G×3/4" piece/box
0.5 25G Orange 25G×3/4" piece/box
0.55 24G Medium purple 24G×3/4" piece/box
0.6 23G Dark blue 23G×3/4" piece/box
0.7 22G Black 22G×3/4" piece/box
0.8 21G Dark green 21G×3/4" piece/box
0.9 20G Yellow 20G×3/4" piece/box
1.1 19G Cream 19G×3/4" piece/box
1.2 18G Pink 18G×3/4" piece/box
Note: the specification and length can be customized according to the customers’ requirements